Marrickville Hempcrete House

Located on the west of a semi-detached house on a leafy street in Marrickville, Sydney. 

The Marrickville Hempcrete house is an exciting project that shows how acoustic requirements for aircraft noise can be met, without compromising on thermal performance and aesthetics. 

The Design Challenge was to create a better living space for a family of four without increasing the site coverage. The existing footprint has not been increased on the ground floor but reconfigured to improve circulation, usability and connection to the backyard. A mere 35 square meters has been added on the first floor. The  result is a generous house that provides three bedrooms, a study, two bathrooms, laundry, generous kitchen dining area and outdoor space on a 197.5sqm site. 

This is a renovation that incorporates basic passive design principles combined with clients who weren’t afraid to be bold with new materials, texture and colour. Special thanks to a dedicated group of consultants, suppliers and an ambitious builder working collaboratively throughout the process. 

Hempcrete was specified for its thermal benefit but with the lime render and silicate paints, it is also a highly breathable system reducing the risk of condensation. Over time this reduces the amount of mould that can grow on the surface of building materials.

Hempcrete walls have a low embodied energy. Locally grown crop. The hempcrete walls have a cradle to cradle life cycle.  The crop is grown locally – 200km away in Dungog. The hemp hurd is mixed with sand, lime & water. The walls can be composted at the end of their life.  

The design takes into consideration the best orientation for thermal mass, ventilation, insulation with high performing walls and double glazing that is adequately shaded.